The great masters tell us that the most important question in the world is: “Who am I?” Or rather: “What is ‘I’?”

What is this thing I call “I”?

What is this thing I call myself?

You mean you understood everything else in the world, and you didn’t understand this? You mean you understood astron­omy and black holes and quasars, and you picked up computer science, and you don’t know who you are? You are a sleeping scientist. You mean you understood what Jesus Christ is, and you don’t know who you are?

My, you are still asleep.

How do you know that you have understood Jesus Christ? Who is the person doing the understanding? Find that out first. That’s the foundation of everything, isn’t it? It’s because we haven’t understood this that we’ve got all these stupid religious people involved in all these stupid religious wars. They don’t know who they are. If they did, there wouldn’t be wars.