Nothing of the world—can make you happy

Can you imagine a genuinely happy person, who, unlike most of us, is fearless and free from insecurity, stress, and worry—someone completely at peace with themselves and the world?

Happiness is the natural state of little children to whom the Kingdom of Joy belongs, that is until they are contaminated by the social programming that has them seeking happiness in approval, fame, popularity, success, or power. Happiness is our natural state and contrary to what your culture and religion have taught you, nothing of the world can make you happy. The moment you see that you will stop moving from one job to another, one friend or lover to another, one place, one guru to another.

We were born happy. We lost it. We were born with the gift of life. We lost it. We’ve got to rediscover it. We have become like someone a stage magician has hypnotized to see what is not there and not see what is there.  We’re having a nightmare.

Want to wake up to the reality of joy surrounding you?

If you are watchful and awake, all that is false and neurotic within you will drop away and you will begin to live increasingly from moment to moment in a life made whole and happy and transparent through awareness.  Awareness transforms you from a seeker to a finder, but it will not be brought about by your ego.  It will be brought about by reality. Awareness releases reality to change you.

Ready To Wake Up To The Reality of Joy Surrounding You?

Through his teachings, Anthony De Mello provides a transformational new perspective and breaks the process down into three simple steps, a Path to Happiness.

Recognize Your Programming

If you take a good look at the way you have been put together and the way you function, you will find there is a whole program stamped into you, a set of demands about how the world should be, how you should be, and what you should want. It is active and operating at each  moment, imperiously insisting that its demands be met by life, by people, and by you. If the demands are met, THE programming allows you the only peace you can ever know —a temporary respite from negative emotions. If the demands are not met, though no fault of yours, the programming generates negative emotions that cause you to suffer. It is a pathetic existence constantly at the mercy of things and people as you try desperately to make life conform to your programming’s demands. Who is responsible for the programming?  Not you. These things depend on the criteria society established and stamped into you.

I’m Ready to Recognize My Programming

Stop Fixing Yourself

People often ask me, What do I need to do to change myself? I’ve got a big surprise for you! You don’t have to do anything. In fact, the more you do, the worse it gets. That’s why people are so tired, so weary. Don’t “fix” anything. It is enough for you to be watchful and awake. Just watch! Observe! Watch everything inside of you and outside, an, see it as if it were happening to someone else, with no comment, no judgment, no attitude, no interference, no attempt to change, only to understand. Real change will come when it is brought about—not by your ego, but by reality. Awareness releases reality to change you. You have to experience it. Do it, and you’ll make the biggest discovery in your life.

I’m Ready to Stop Fixing Myself

Living Happily

Get back to reality, get back to nature. Then you will know that your heart has brought you to the vast desert of solitude. If you manage to stay there for a while, the desert will suddenly blossom into love. Your heart will burst into song. And it will be springtime forever; the attachments and addiction will be gone; you’re free. Then you will understand what freedom is, what love is, what happiness is, what reality is, what truth is, what God is. You will see, you will know beyond concepts and conditioning, addictions and attachments.

I’m Ready to Live Happily

“I will never forget the feeling of liberation; the sense he made of spirituality, of prayer, of the meaning of life; his humor; his marvelous storytelling. And it was all done in such a personal style.”

“Even though Anthony De Mello’s approach reaches such vast dimensions, it is one he made available to anyone willing to enter this work of the soul.”

“Anthony De Mello is one of my favorite enlightened guys.”