When the heart is unobstructed the result is joy and love.  You’ve got joy and love and peace already, but it’s obstructed by false beliefs that were programmed into you.  That’s why your life is in a mess. Drop your false ideas that obstruct happiness and it is yours for the taking. So how do we do that? There are three things we need to understand.

 I said first you need to admit that your life is in a mess You want comfort; you want your little possessions.  You want the outcomes that society has falsely taught you are essential to happiness. You want things not happiness.

Second thing you need to see is that you do not want to get out of the mess.   Want me to prove it to you?  Okay, here goes.  Suppose you could be blissfully happy but you’re not going to be the success you are currently striving might and main to become.   You’re not going to be able to buy that house. You’re going to be considered something of a failure in the eyes of others. But you’ll be happy. You’ll be blissfully happy. Are you ready to barter your dreamed of success for happiness? Are you ready to barter the good opinion of people for happiness? Think about that for a moment.

Here is the third thing you need to understand. Understand that the reason your life is in a mess that you do not want to get out of is because you have wrong ideas. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with you. You’re okay.  There’s nothing wrong with you other than you are blocked from knowing how beautiful you are and how beautiful life is. You are blocked because your culture has put wrong ideas into your heads, beginning with the idea that you cannot be happy without this person or that outcome or this possession. The truth is in every moment you have everything you need to be happy. The only reason you are ever unhappy is because you are focusing on what you don’t have. Shift your focus and see what changes in you.