From The Song of the Bird

The Japanese general Nobunaga decided to attack even though he had only five soldier to the enemy’s fifty men. Nonetheless, he was sure he would win.

Not so his five soldiers; they were full of doubt. On the way to the battlefield they stopped at a Shinto shrine and Nobunaga went in to pray.

After praying at the shrine Nobunaga came out and said, ‘I have been guided to toss a coin. If the coin is heads, we shall go for it means we shall win. If tails, we shall no go, for it means we shall lose. Destiny will now reveal herself.”

He tossed the coin. It was heads. The soldier were filled with confidence and the passion to fight the good fight and the prevailed over his enemy. depsite the 10 to 1 odds

The next day one of the soldiers said to Nobunaga, “This proves no one can change Destiny once it is set. “

“Quite right, ” said Nobunaga and laughing he showed the sodier the coin he used. It had heads on both sides.