Observe the wisdom that operates in doves and in flowers and trees and the whole of Nature. This kind of Nature-wisdom we are only now beginning to discover in so­ called primitive peoples who, like the dove, are so simple and wise. Our challenge is to recapture the simplicity and wisdom of the dove without losing the cunningness of the serpentine brain.

How can you achieve this? Through an important realization, namely, that every time you strive to improve on Nature by going against it, you will damage yourself, for Nature is your very being. Think of some change that you wish to bring about in your life or in your personality.

Are you attempting to force this change on your nature through effort and through the desire to be­ come something that your ego has planned? That is the serpent fighting the dove.

Or are you conntent to study, observe, understand, be aware of your present state and problems, without pushing, without forcing things that your ego desires, leaving Reality to effect changes according to Nature’s plans, not yours?

Then you have the perfect blending of the serpent and the dove. Take a look at some of those problems of yours, those changes you desire in yourself, and observe your way of going about it. See how you attempt to bring about change – both in yourself and in others­ through the use of punishment and reward, through discipline and control, through sermonizing and guilt, through greed and pride, ambition and vanity, rather than through loving acceptance and patience, painstaking understanding and vigilant awareness.

Image: Huichol yarn painting