by Anthony De Mello

We’ve been given a theory that says to be upset is to be human. It is not so. When I say your life is in a mess I mean you’re a victim of heartache, at least occasionally. A victim of inner conflict. There’s emptiness staring at you. You’re scared. “You mean, we’re not supposed to be scared?” they will say. “No, you’re not.”   “Not about anything?” “No, not about anything.” 

Fearlessness exists but you don’t know what it means. And the tragedy is you don’t even think it’s available. Yet, it’s so easy to get, but since society told you it’s not available, you never try to find it; it’s right here in the Sermon on the Mount but you won’t see it because you’ve been taught that it’s not available.

Mystics tell people that life is extraordinary, life is delightful: “You could enjoy it,” they say. “You wouldn’t have a minute of tension, not one. No pressure. No anxiety.” Would you want that?” the mystics ask. The usual response is: “Not possible. Never been done. Cannot be done.”  That’s the condition of people everywhere. They don’t hear it. They won’t listen. It’s why your life remains in a mess.

Do you want to clean it up? It would take five minutes, depending on how ready you are. It’s so simple and it’s so deadly serious that people miss it.

And you can have it.


The first thing: Admit that your life is in a mess.