Suffering exists in “me,” so when you identify “I” with “me,” suffering begins. Attachment begins. Illusion begins. You have identified with a fabrication. Drop the fabrication and you will see that we are, all of us, endowed with a mystical mind and mystical heart. These are faculties that make it possible for us to know God directly, to grasp and intuit Him in His very being . . . apart from all thoughts and concepts and images.

Look at yourself as if you were watching another person, then write down on a piece of paper in brief terms any way you would describe yourself. For example: doctor, lawyer, businessperson, spouse, parent, priest, Catholic, Jew. Anything. See these labels as a phenomenon called “me.”

Then ask yourself, “Who am I without these transient things?”
Journal about this.

Now, notice you’ve got “I” observing “me.” Recall how your “me” has changed over time. Understand that what constantly changes is “me.” Next, think of anything that caused or is causing you pain, worry, or anxiety. Pick up the desire under that suffering—that there’s something you desire very keenly or else you wouldn’t be suffering. What is that desire? It isn’t simply a desire; there’s an identification there. You have somehow said to ourself, “The well-being of ‘I’—the existence of ‘I’—is tied up with this desire.