from Wellspring by Anthony De Mello

I imagine that I walk into a desert place. I spend some time exploring the surroundings, then settle down to contemplate my life. I see how frequently I rush outside myself —to people, occupations, places, things— in search of strength and peace and meaning, forgetting that the source of all is here within my heart.

It is here that I must search.

Each person carries thoughts that have the power to bring instant peace. I search for mine. I also search for the thoughts that help me face life’s challenges with fortitude and courage.

What are the thoughts that make me warm and gentle, that exorcise the hate and anger in my heart? What thoughts put meaning in my life? produce contentment? give me joy? propel me into service?

Before I leave the desert I recall the existence of another source within that does not need the aid of thoughts to give me all I need.

I make an indirect attempt to reach it by imagining a cave within my heart suffused with light.

The light invades my body as I enter. I can feel its rays create and energize and warm and heal. So I sit within the cave in silent adoration as the light seeps in through every pore.