Love, like sensitivity, either is in all its fullness or it simply is not. You either have it whole or you have it not. So, it is only when attachments disappear that one enters the boundless realm of spiritual freedom called “love.”

You can hardly be said to love what you do not even notice. And, if you notice only a few beings to the exclusion of others, that is not love at all. For love excludes no one at all; it embraces the whole of life. Exclusion can only be achieved through a hardening of oneself, through closing one’s doors. And the moment there is a hardening, sensitivity dies. It won’t be hard for you to find examples of this kind of sensitivity in your life.

Have you ever stopped to remove a stone or a nail from the road to prevent someone from coming to harm? It doesn’t matter that you will never know the person who will benefit from the gesture or that you will receive no reward or recognition. You just do it from a feeling of benevolence and kindness. Or, have you felt pained at the wanton destruction in another part of the world, of a forest that you will never see and never benefit from?

Have you gone to some trouble to help a stranger find his way although you do not know and will never meet this person again, purely from a goodheartedness that you feel within you? In these and so many other moments, love came to the surface in your life, signaling that it was there within you waiting to be released. How can you come to possess this kind of love? You cannot because it is already there within you. All you have to do is remove the blocks you place to sensitivity, and it would surface.