There was a woman who was very religious. She thought of herself as devote and believed she was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Each and every morning when the tolling of church bells echoed through the village she would go to church. On her way to church, she would walk alongside the village’s beautiful river, passing beautiful trees swaying in the wind and children playing in the park and homeless broken beggars in the street. But she did not see any of this, so immersed was she in her righteous devotion to God.

Now one day she walked to church in her customary manner arriving right on time for service, but when she pushed against the door it would not open. She pushed harder but still to no avail. The door was locked. Confused and forlorn over missing service for the first time in decades, she looked toward Heaven for what to do and as she looked up her eye caught sight of a note pinned to the door of the church that she hadn’t seen at first.

The note stated, “I’m out there!”