Have you ever thought that if something causes your happiness, when you lose that something then your happiness will be destroyed? Has it ever oc- curred to you that if something causes your happi- ness you will become possessive of that thing? That you will become anxious lest you lose it? Whatever that thing be—learning, reputation, good health, life itself. Yet how interesting: the rediscovery of life. You will never live until you stop clinging to life. Let go. When you cling, happiness dies. If your happiness depends on anyone or anything, that’s not happiness. That’s anxiety. That’s tension. That’s pressure. That’s fear.

I know friends of mine in the past—two of them at different intervals—who were dying, and who said to me, “I began to truly taste life and see how sweet it was when I let go. I realized that life was ending. It was then that it began to taste sweet.” So, paradoxically, we’re doing all the wrong things to be happy.

We’ve been programmed to be unhappy. Anything we’re doing to be happy is going to make us more unhappy. What are you going to do? Are you going to change yourself ? Are you going to change others? Are you going to acquire something? You don’t have to do anything. You have to understand. Drop the obstruction. Drop the false belief. The attachment will drop, and then you’ll know what happiness is.

If you would meditate on that for several days, you would experience some of its truth.  Then you won’t need to listen to me or to anyone else. You will have it.