Here’s the reason why we don’t want happiness.

We’ve been taught to place our happiness in people and things and outcomes.

So that’s the first thing we need to understand if we want to come awake, which is the same thing as saying;

if we want to love

if we want freedom,

if we want joy and peace.

In that sense, spirituality is the most practical thing in the world.

I challenge anyone to think of anything more practical than spirituality as I just defined it.

Not piety, not devotion, not religion, not worship,but spirituality, waking up.

Wake up.

Look at the heart ache everywhere.

Look at the loneliness.

Look at the fear, the confusions, the conflicts in the hearts of people,

inner conflict, outer conflict.

Suppose somebody gave you a way of getting rid of all of that.

Suppose somebody gave you a way of stopping that tremendous drainage of energy, of health, of the emotions  that come from these conflicts and confusions.

Would you want that?

Suppose somebody showed us a way where we would truly love one another, and be at peace at last.

Can you think of anything more practical than that?

But you have people thinking that big business is more practical, or politics is more practical, or science is more practical.

Nothing is so practical as spiriutality.

And here’s the good news: We don’t have acquire happiness or earn it.

Do you know why?

Because we have it already.

But what I am saying is, we don’t want it.

We don’t want to be happy.

We want other things.

Or let’s put it more accurately, we don’t want to be unconditionally happy.

We say, I am ready to be happy provided I have this and that.

What we are really saying is this thing is my happiness, you are my happiness, this outcome is my happiness.

We are saying If I don’t get it or you, I refuse to be happy.

We are saying this to virtually anything we think we want.

It’s so important to understand that.