In the Bhagavad Gita the Lord Krishna gave this advice to Arjuna:

“Plunge into the heat of battle
and keep your heart at the lotus
feet of the Lord.”

A marvelous sentence. It’s not your actions, it’s your being that counts. It is an openness to the truth, no matter what the consequences, no matter where it leads you and when you don’t even know where it’s going to lead you. That’s faith. Not belief, but faith.

Your beliefs give you a lot of security, but faith is insecurity. You don’t know. You’re ready to follow and you’re open, you’re wide open! You’re ready to listen. And mind you, being open does not mean being gullible, it doesn’t mean swallowing whatever some teacher is saying. You’ve got to challenge everything; you’ve got to sit with it and see if it resonates in your heart.