Have You Ever Felt Disgusted with Life


From The Way to Love by Anthony DeMello . . . Have you ever felt disgusted with life, sick at heart of constantly running away from fears and anxieties, weary of your begging rounds, exhausted from being dragged about helplessly by your attachments and addictions? Have you ever felt the utter meaninglessness of working for a degree, then finding a job, then settling down to a life of boredom; or, if you are an achiever, settling down…

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Breaking the Weary Cycle of Life


From The Way to Love by Anthony DeMello . . . Left to its own devices life would never produce love, it would only lead you to attraction, from attraction to pleasure, then to attachment, to satisfaction, which finally leads to wearisomeness and boredom.  Then comes a plateau. Then once again the weary cycle: attraction, pleasure, attachment, fulfillment, satisfaction, boredom. All of this mixed with the anxieties, the jealousies, the possessiveness, the sorrow, the pain, that make…

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Consider Your Sad Condition

From The Way to Love by Anthony DeMello . . . Consider your sad condition. You are always dissatisfied with yourself, always wanting to change yourself. So, you are full of violence and self-intolerance which only grows with every effort that you make to change yourself. So, any change you achieve is always accompanied by inner conflict. And you suffer when you see others achieve what you have not and become what you are not. Would you…

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The Only Reason You’re Not Happy Right Now

from The Way to Love by Anthony DeMello . . . Take a look at the world and see the unhappiness. See if you can find a single person who is fearless, free from insecurities, anxieties, tensions, worries. What is making you so unhappy, miserable, alienated from yourself, stressed, afraid, at times unkind to others and condemning of yourself?  It’s actually not your fault! Who in their right mind would willingly choose to be unhappy….

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You Are Not Your Depression

from Awareness by Anthony DeMello . . . The reason you suffer from your depression and your anxieties is that you identify with them. You say, “I’m depressed.” But that is false. You are not your depression. If you want to be accurate, you might say, “I am experiencing a depression right now.” But you can hardly say, “I am depressed.” That is but a strange kind of trick of the mind, a strange kind…

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