Mosaic from behind altar of Catholic Church, New Deli, India.



The Joy of Living

In a time of turmoil

Reflections of
Tony DeMello, S.J.

*Mosaic image is from behind the altar of the Catholic Church, New Deli, India.*

“ I didn’t realize that sun, the moon and the evening star were the Words with which He spoke to me.”


Experience Music, Video, Imagination-meditation, Drama, and Dance at the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center in Garrison, New York

WAKE UP to the sunshine of AWARENESS and possibly SEEING the Dancer. Discover your HAPPINESS and LOVE in solitude. Find the creativity that SILENCE brings.

“The Messiah’s still around. When did you see him last?”

Dates: October 4-6, 2019
Presenters: Desmond Towey, Jonathan Galente, Karen Starr Venturini, DeMello Spirituality Center Trustees.

Register by calling the Graymoor Spiritual Life Center, 1350 Route 9, Garrison, NY 10524, 845-424-3671 or email them at

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The Silent-Magic of Meditation:

Discovering the Meditative  Practice  of Anthony deMello, S.J.

“Peace is a Gift.  Let us expose our Hearts to receive it.”
~ Anthony deMello, S.J.

October 9 – November 13, 2019
6 Thursday Evening Sessions at 6:15 p.m-7:15.  

The meetings will consist of:
Awareness  Exercises
Guided Meditations
and Discussions
 * Utilizing  deMello’s “ Wellsprings” and “Sadhana”  *

*** The Riches of Silence ~ Coming Home to yourself

*** The Revelations that silence brings ~ Traveling from the head to the Heart

*** Observing your thoughts ~ the art of concentration, the  pull of Divinity

*** Awareness of sensations ~ The observer and the observed

*** Obtaining peace, self-control and inner joy ~ just a breath away!

*** Feeling the warmth of your interior fire~ charged with the power and presence of God!

Dates: October 9-November 13, 2019
Presenters: Desmond Towey and Karen Starr Venturini, Trustees of the DeMello Spirituality Center.

Register by calling the Our Lady of Grace Retreat Center,  29 Shelter Rock Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030, (516)-627 9255,   or visit

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