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Stop Fixing Yourself is not a book to be read. It’s a book to be absorbed into your being. Little by little. One idea, one passage, one chapter at a time. This volume yields tremendous inner wealth.”
—Neil Strauss, New York Times bestselling author of The Truth

Stop Fixing Yourself provides the simple path to an enlightened, fulfilling life

Can you imagine how liberating it would be to never be disillusioned again?

Never be disappointed again?

Never feel rejected?

Want to wake up and be at peace? Want happiness? Want freedom?

Here it is!

Anthony De Mello tells us that if you are watchful and awake, all that is false and neurotic within you will drop, your eyes will open to the reality of joy surrounding you, and you will discover the truth about life: that all is well. Though everything remains a mess, all is well.

This book transforms you from a seeker to a finder and sets you free.

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The 6-part Waking Up to Happiness video course leads you to the most important discovery a human being ever makes . . . the realization that you have everything you need right now to be happy and fulfilled, even in the midst of the pandemic.  The book and the course are a powerful combination. You will come to see life differently because you will be different. You won’t have to try to make good things happen; they just happen. 

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About the Author

Anthony De Mello is widely known for his ground-breaking work with integrating western and eastern spirituality, influencing such acclaimed spiritual teachers as Rhonda Byrne, Eckhart Tolle, Neil Strauss, Thomas Moore, and Adyashanti.  He is the author of the masterpiece, Awareness, along with 11 other books that have sold more than 2 million worldwide.  His newest book is Stop Fixing Yourself, to be released March 30th.