Wake Up Spirituality for Today

This video contains three live thirty minute conference presentations by Tony DeMello: How to Pray; How to be Real; How to Love. Each segment is illustrated with wonderful DeMello stories. Have you ever prayed to win the lottery and forgot to buy a ticket? If you have, Tony is talking to you. Then there is the story of the man whose beard is burning, while he sits praying for rain.

Awareness is prayer. It incinerates our need for power, control, approval, esteem, all of those things that serve to disconnect us from the present reality. The master is asked for the secret of enlightenment in other words the secret of connecting to reality. He answers with one word, “awareness.” When asked to expand on that one word, the master replies, “awareness, awareness, awareness”. In frustration the disciple responds: “What’s that supposed to mean?”To which the master says: “awareness means awareness.” Like all of Tony’s stories: so simple and so complicated.

Freedom to love comes from casting away dependence on things, places, even people. “When the eye is unobstructed, the result is sight; when the ear is unobstructed the result is hearing; when the heart is unobstructed, the result is love.”Then it is possible to love another human being and see that person in “present moment freshness”. Love burns in each of us and in all living things. Can the rose withhold its fragrance or the tree refuse to give shade? “Wake up,” Tony urges. “Discover the overflowing joy in the heart of things”.

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