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WakeUp! Spirituality for today

This video contains three live thirty minute conference presentations by Tony DeMello: How to Pray; How to be Real; How to Love. Each segment is illustrated with wonderful DeMello stories. Have you ever… Read More

A Rediscovery of Life Satellite Retreat

This wonderful one-day retreat was given live by Tony DeMello and broadcast by satellite to 76 universities in the USA and Canada. Tony speaks and  … Read More

A Way to God For Today

This two set video features Tony in six 30 minute sessions. He treats the topics of silence, peace, life, love, freedom and joy. With humor and fascinating stories from every tradition, Tony shows how each of these topics  … Read More

Lovesprings: The Way to Love

This video is a digitized version of a two-set CD in which Tony DeMello himself reads from his last book, the Way to Love. He personally selected nine segments from this best selling book in order to inspire and change the way you love. His … Read More

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra allows you to relax deeply into the core of your being. The word “nidra,” itself, means sleep. In the practice of Yoga Nidra that does not mean physical sleep, but rather the profound connection with the peace and the joy of your heart. By … Read More