What is love?

God’s kingdom is love. It is a sensitivity to every portion of reality within you and without along with a wholehearted response to that reality. It means to be sensitive to life, to things, to persons; it means to feel for everything and everyone to the exclusion of nothing and no one.

Sometimes you will embrace that reality, sometimes you will attack it, sometimes you will ignore it, and other times, you will give it your fullest attention. But, always, you will respond—not from need but from sensitivity.

It is said that love is blind. But, is it? Actually, nothing on earth is as clear-sighted as love. The thing that is blind is not love but attachment. And what is attachment? Again, it is a need, a clinging that blunts your sensitivity, a drug that clouds your perception. That is why, as long as you have the slightest attachment for anything or any person, love cannot be born. For love is sensitivity, and sensitivity that is impaired even in the slightest degree is sensitivity destroyed. One must brave the stormy seas of attachments if one is to arrive at the land of love.