from Wellspring by Anthony De Mello

Jesus says, “The Kingdom is like a mustard seed which a man sowed in his field. Mustard is smaller than any other seed but let it grow and it becomes bigger than any garden plant; it is like a tree, big enough for the birds to come and nest among its branches.”

I hold this tiniest of seeds  … then I see the full-grown tree it has become, strong enough to bear the nests of birds.

I move from seed to tree repeatedly in fantasy. I then observe the seed through each stage of its growth.

Finally I sit before the full-grown tree and speak to it: We talk about the theme of smallness, the tree and I … About discouragement … Risk-taking in our lives.

Change and all that it implies … Fruitfulness … Service … And finally, God’s power in our lives.

I end this exercise at Jesus’s feet: I tell him what the mustard tree has taught me and ask that he will teach me too.