from Awareness by Anthony De Mello . . .

A young man came to complain that his girlfriend had let him down, that she had played false.

What are you complaining about? I said. Did you expect any better?

Expect the worst, you’re dealing with selfish people. You’re the fool — you glorified her, didn’t you?

You thought she was a princess, you thought people were nice.

They’re not! They’re asleep like you. They seek their own self-interest, exactly like you.

Can you imagine how liberating it will be to never be disillusioned again, never be disappointed again? To never feel let down again. Never feel rejected.

Do you want to wake up to that? Do you want happiness? Do you want freedom?

That’s when life becomes beautiful.

How do you attain that? Here it is:

Drop your false ideas. See through people. If you see through yourself, you will see through everyone. Then you will love them. Otherwise you spend the whole time grappling with your wrong notions of them, with your illusions that are constantly crashing against reality.

Enlightenment is about waking up. When you’re ready to exchange your illusions for reality, when you’re ready to exchange your dreams for facts, that’s the way you find it all.

That’s where life finally becomes meaningful.

from Awareness by Anthony De Mello . . .