Lovesprings: The Way to Love


This audio is a digitized version of a two-set CD in which Tony Demello himself reads from his last book, the Way to Love. He personally selected nine segments from this best selling book in order to inspire and change the way you love. His selections include: Nowhere to Go; Show no Partiality; One Teacher; Discipleship; The Mountain of Prayer among other selections.

Tony asks you, “has it ever occurred to you that you can only love when you are alone? What does it mean to love? It means to see a person, a thing, a situation as it really is and not as you imagine it to be and to give it the response it deserves. You cannot love what you do not even see. And what prevents you from seeing?” Concepts, categories, prejudices, projections, your needs, attachments, labels you have drawn from your conditioning–these are what prevent you from seeing. “Seeing is the most arduous thing a human being can undertake”.

In 90 minutes, Tony through his gentle penetrating wisdom will change your life and provide you the motivation to become a loving human being. Here are excerpts from the way to love and Tony’s own voice.

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