Any way to God must be a way through silence. If you ever come to union with God, you must pass through silence.

What is this silence?

Let me explain it by means of a simple tale that we have in the east. There was this great king who goes to visit a spiritual master and he says to the master, “I’m a busy man could you tell me how I could be united with God but give it to me in one sentence”, and the master says to him, “I’ll give it to you in one word.”

“What! Is that word?” says the king, and the masters say silence.

“And how would I get silence?” says the king?

“Meditation”, says the master. Meditation incidentally in the east the Sanskrit word “Beyond” that means not thinking about, but going beyond the thinking. So the master says “Meditation”, and the king says, “and what is meditation?” To which the master’s reply, “silence”.

How will I find God? Silence.

And how do I get silence? Meditation.

And what is meditation? Silence.

Well, I imagine while I was telling these tales that you got the Secret. Silence means going beyond words and thoughts. What’s wrong with words and thoughts? You know what’s wrong with them? Words are very wonderful, but God is nothing like what we say He is and He is nothing like what we imagine or think He is. That is what is wrong with words and thoughts. And most people will not accept this, they cling to their images of God, and that is the biggest obstacle to they getting to silence.