The trouble with people is they’re busy fixing things they don’t even understand.

We’re always fixing things, aren’t we?

Never strikes us that things don’t need to be fixed.

They really don’t.

This is the great illumination.

They need to be understood.

If you understood them, they would change; they really would.

You want to change other people; you want to change the world.

How about beginning with yourself?

How about changing yourself?

How about being transformed yourself first?

How do you achieve that?

Through observation, through understanding with no interference, with no judgment.

Because who or what you judge you cannot understand

The moment you slapped a label on him or her, understanding has stopped.

And if the label carries undertones of approval or disapproval even worse

How are you going to understand what you disapprove of, or what you approve off?

Are you ready to hear something new?

No judgment, No comment. No attitude. One observes, one studies, one watches, not even with the desire to change what is. because if you desire to change what is into what you think should be, you’re no longer understanding what is.

That’s the attitude.

The day you attain that, you will experience a miracle.

You will change effortlessly. Correctly.

Change will happen, but you will not bring it about.

As the light of awareness settles upon your darkness, whatever is neurotic will disappear.

Whatever it is healthy will be fostered.

But you will have to experience that for yourself.