No attachment, no fear

from Rediscovering Life by Anthony DeMello . . . The world is full of sorrow? Agreed. The root of sorrow is desire. Well— all right. Now, what are you going to conclude, that the uprooting of sorrow is desirelessness? So you are going to be a vegetable? I mean, how do you live without desires? Let me give you a better translation. I don’t think Buddha would be so foolish and stupid as to say that we ought…

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Have You Ever Felt Disgusted with Life


From The Way to Love by Anthony DeMello . . . Have you ever felt disgusted with life, sick at heart of constantly running away from fears and anxieties, weary of your begging rounds, exhausted from being dragged about helplessly by your attachments and addictions? Have you ever felt the utter meaninglessness of working for a degree, then finding a job, then settling down to a life of boredom; or, if you are an achiever, settling down…

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What Dependency Gets You

from Awareness by Anthony DeMello . . . We all depend on one another for all kinds of things, don’t we? We depend on the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. We set up society this way and we allot different functions to different people for the welfare of everyone, so that we will function better and live more effectively — at least we hope so. That’s interdependence and it’s fine! But to depend on…

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