No attachment, no fear

from Rediscovering Life by Anthony DeMello . . . The world is full of sorrow? Agreed. The root of sorrow is desire. Well— all right. Now, what are you going to conclude, that the uprooting of sorrow is desirelessness? So you are going to be a vegetable? I mean, how do you live without desires? Let me give you a better translation. I don’t think Buddha would be so foolish and stupid as to say that we ought…

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Breaking the Weary Cycle of Life


From The Way to Love by Anthony DeMello . . . Left to its own devices life would never produce love, it would only lead you to attraction, from attraction to pleasure, then to attachment, to satisfaction, which finally leads to wearisomeness and boredom.  Then comes a plateau. Then once again the weary cycle: attraction, pleasure, attachment, fulfillment, satisfaction, boredom. All of this mixed with the anxieties, the jealousies, the possessiveness, the sorrow, the pain, that make…

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Immeasurable Wealth

from Rediscovering Life by Anthony DeMello Sometimes a story says more than a whole day’s lecture because it speaks to the depths within us. I want to tell you one of my favorite stories that speaks to the depth of me. It has to do with true happiness. It is a story of a villager in India who happens upon a sannyasi. A sannyasi is the wandering mendicant, who having attained enlightenment, understands that the…

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