A Lot of Learning and No Awareness

It’s tragic that we were able to produce all of this cooperation to send a rocket onto the moon, but we can’t cooperate with our families. to get on with our wives and husbands.” See what I mean? I’ve run into peasants who know how to do that—cooperate. How about that? That is intelligence.

So learning isn’t the same as intelligence at all. You could have a lot of learning and no awareness of yourself at all. You could know how spaceships function and you wouldn’t know how you, yourself, function. Education is no great help. For this, what is needed is not an educational background, but wisdom, understanding, and intelligence, which are acquired by cutting, scraping, melting, questioning, doubting everything you have been taught, everything you believe and hold dear.

If you never question, if you never doubt what society taught you, you never doubt what your culture force-feed you, how will you understand and grow and realized the essence of what you are and were created to be, as opposed to who you have been programmed to be?