EASTER: waking up to see the dancing Jesus - DeMello-Stroud Spirituality Conference

Sunday April 30
Our Lady of Grace

EASTER: waking up to see the dancing Jesus
inspired by the reflections of Anthony DeMello, S.J.

Conference participants have a lot to say about their experience at the DeMello Conference.

“It all worked – the meditation, the flow of music, the conversation…”

“I loved the storytelling.”

“It moved me spiritually and emotionally in ways I hadn’t felt before.”

“Very interactive and upbeat.”

“Outstanding! Well planned and well executed.”

“I continue to grow spiritually...while the journey is not always restful,

I always land on my feet.”

“...life-changing for me.”

“Thoughtful, insightful…want more.” 

8:00 – 9:00    Bagels & Coffee
9:00 – 3:45    Interactive talks, meditation, videos, music
4:00pm Mass 

Presented by Desmond Towey & Josephine Dixon Hall of the DeMello-Stroud Spirituality Center at Epiphany Church
REGISTER AT 917-859-1701 or demellostroud@aol.com


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